Saturday, September 29, 2007

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PTA Article on bullying from Barbara M.

Barbara found an interesting set of articles on school bullying and proposed solutions to the problem, consistent with our thoughts about learning to resolve conflict in non-violent ways. Here is the URL:

Take a look.
Raechel (for Barbara)

Friday, September 28, 2007

Welcome to the Little Traverse League for Peace and Freedom BLOG

We are a community of people from Charlevoix, Michigan and nearby communities, committed to peace. Why do we need a BLOG? So we can reach everyone in our community who is interested in what we're doing, but not necessarily able to attend our meetings. So we can talk any time and anywhere. And finally, so we can all say everything we want to say, without having to worry about who has "the feather"! Speak your mind!

Here are the notes from our last meeting:

Next meeting: Wed., 5:30 pm, Oct. 3 in the Charlevoix City Hall, 2nd floor. Last meeting before the film series begins Oct. 9. Other dates of note: UN Day Oct. 21. Potluck & planning meeting for Dec. 22 Solstice/Peace concert 10/2 at 6 at Tam Beeler' s.Israeli/Palestine Forum Nov. 12.

I am creating a Google calendar for us -- those of us who have Internet access can view/add/update events online. You'll receive a separate e-mail from Google about this.

Meeting notes from September 27, 2007 meeting (mission, goals, methods discussion only)

Working mission statement (think about this & see whether it needs to be tweaked):

We seek peace with justice as the rightful condition of all (life, humankind).

What we want to focus on:

1. End the war
-- leave my child alone
2. Department of Peace
3. Water quality preservation
4. End nuclear danger
5. Paradigm shift of values
-- Peaceful alternatives to military service
-- Understanding rights, the Constitution, etc. (e.g., eminent domain)
6. Millenium goals

How we want to do it:

1. Communication blitz
-- Peace blog / YouTube
-- Truth squad
-- Letters to the editor
-- Challenge City Council & the major to take a stand

2. Education
-- Films / documentaries
-- Think tank
-- Book study
-- women's study group

3. Communication style
-- reasoned, smart, intelligent
-- connect the dots (funding for war = no funding for education)
-- focused, factual, and smart
-- visuals, stories more impactful

4. Network
-- Work through the churches

5. Engage youth
-- all age groups
-- work with schools
-- essays